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CSIS Civil Service Insurance Society

Call us on0845 60 77 444

Experience the difference

To report a claim or accident:

Please call: 0800 026 1779.

Our claims service includes:

  • A courtesy car to keep you on the road whilst damage to own vehicle is being repaired by one of our approved repairers
  • 4 day courtesy car in the event of a total loss claim
  • 7 day courtesy car if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered

To make a claim for glass:  

 Please call: 0800 068 5710 (National Windscreens).

When you contact us

 You will need to tell us :

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • The place where the loss or damage occurred
  • What caused the loss or damage.

Insurance Fraud

Insurers know from experience there are some people who purchase insurance to deliberately try to defraud Insurance Companies.

The customer may do this in several ways :-  by making false claims, not telling the truth about their claims history, or the value of their home and their possessions, or withholding important information, or making false statements.

Unfortunately the fraudulent actions of a minority means insurance becomes more expensive for everyone.

However we wish to reassure you that our insurers check all new insurance claims for fraud against the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) which has the details of most of the historical home and car insurance claims paid in the UK and is operated by Insurance Database Services Ltd.

If they suspect that someone has deliberately given false information or they find any material fact has been withheld they will investigate and take appropriate action.  In many cases the policy will be voided and no cover provided in the event of a loss.