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Travel Insurance Questions

  • Why can't you provide cover for anyone aged 76 or over travelling to USA or Canada?

    Substantial medical claims and costs in the USA and Canada have influence the Insurer to exclude all cover if you are travelling to the USA or Canada if you are aged 76 or over.

    Cover for the rest of the world remains in place. We may be able to suggest an alternative supplier for travel to USA and Canada, so please call us for details.




  • What policy do I need to travel to the Isle of Man, or to Jersey, Guernsey or the other Channel Islands?

    All the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man must now be covered under a European Policy.

    Following a change of reciprocal agreements with the UK Government, UK cover is no longer sufficient.

  • How do you define USA and Canada?

    For the purpose of the age restriction above, under our policies the USA and Canada is defined as any STATE thereof. 

  • What happens if I have an accident or need medical attention whilst I'm away?

    When you take out travel insurance with us, you will be given a policy booklet detailing what to do in the event of a claim.
    All of our travel policies include a 24 hour, 365 days per year emergency assistance helpline, so you are always able to get help.
  • Are my luggage and personal money covered as standard?

    We can offer policies both with and without cover for your luggage and personal money under our travel insurance policies. As your possessions may already be covered under your household policy, you may not need to pay to include them on the travel policy.
  • Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?

    Important - Health Conditions Apply

    a) In respect of the UK and Europe you are only covered for pre-existing medical conditions if

     1. You are not aware of any reason why the trip should be cancelled
     2. Your Medical Practitioner would not have advised you against travel
     3. You are not seeking medical treatment abroad or you do not have a terminal prognosis
     4. You are not receiving or awaiting treatment for any injury or illness as a hospital patient
     5. Your medical condition is stable and well controlled

    nb. An age limit of 85 applies to all UK only policies.    

    b) In respect of Worldwide travel outside the United Kingdom and Europe this insurance carries automatic Health Exclusions. Once you have purchased our policy, please telephone ERV Screen & Go on 01403 788975 to inform them if anyone to be covered by this policy, or any close relative, or business associate, whether they are booked to travel on the holiday or not :

    a. Has a pre-existing medical condition that has required treatment or for which medication has been prescribed in the last 24 months.
     b. Has or has had any condition still requiring periodic review or is awaiting any tests, treatment, investigation, referral or results of the same.

    ERV Screen & Go may charge a separate premium to cover medical conditions after you have purchased your Worldwide CSIS travel policy.

  • Do you offer reduced rates for families/couples?

    Yes. We offer reduced rates for children, families, and one parent families.




  • Who can be covered under a "family" policy?

    A family policy covers two adults, plus any number of dependent children. Children must be under 18 years of age when the policy is issued.
  • Who can be covered under a "Single Parent" policy?

    A Single Parent policy covers one adult and any number of dependent children. Children must be under 18 years of age when the policy is issued.
  • What is an excess?

    An Excess is the first part of a claim which you have to pay. This helps keep down the price of the Insurance. Check what your Excess is before you buy elsewhere as these vary from Policy to Policy.

  • Are there any excesses on the CSIS Travel policies?

    There are Excesses on most sections of all travel policies. Please check the Schedules of Cover for the policy that you’re interested in.



  • What happens if I have an expensive item that I want to take with me?

    We do not recommend that you take valuable items away with you as holidaymakers are relatively easy for thieves to spot. However, if you do have an expensive camera that you want to use whilst away then normally, it will be covered up to the single article or valuables limit.

    Please note that loss of or damage to valuables and money are not covered if left unattended or removed from luggage whilst in transit. You may find that it is necessary to arrange additional cover with possibly your home contents Insurer.  


  • Do I need to carry my Policy Schedule with me when I travel?

    Some authorities may ask to see your Insurance Policy schedule, so you should at least carry a copy. However, to take advantage of our 24 hour emergency assistance, all you will need is your Policy Number and the 24 hour medical emergency telephone number.


  • Can I travel whilst pregnant?

    Yes, however, the policy will exclude your travel against any health requirements stipulated by the carrier, their handling agents or any other public transport provider.


  • Do I have to pay the bill if I am taken ill whilst away?

    No. Providing you report your medical condition, as per our Terms and Conditions. However, you should settle small bills like prescription charges and doctor’s call out fees and keep receipts for a later claim. If is a medical emergency, either phone the provided 24 hour emergency number or have someone phone on your behalf.


  • Does the CSIS policy cover ambulance and repatriation costs?

    Yes. These charges are covered under the Medical Expenses section.


  • I have seen Policies with unlimited medical cover – the Policy only covers £5,000,000.

    Unlimited medical cover is a gimmick and £5,000,000 is more than anyone is likely to need. The largest known medical claim ever was less than £1,000,000.


  • Is there a 24 hour emergency phone number?

    Yes. On the Summary of Benefit page of the Policy schedule wording. It must be used at once if you are hospitalised, require expensive treatment or need to return home early.


  • Who can be insured?

    Residents of the UK with journeys commencing in and returning to the UK.



  • Can my family travel independently on an Annual Policy?

    Yes. When they are also named on the Policy Schedule. We provide cover for your spouse/partner and children on all their trips when they are travelling without you up to a maximum duration of 45 days.


  • Can children under 18 purchase separate cover at a discounted premium?

    Yes, simply enter their ages under an individual (or group if more than one) policy type to get a competitive quote.

  • When does Cancellation cover commence?

    Cancellation cover for single trip policies commences immediately after the Travel Insurance Policy has been accepted and the relevant premium paid and ends upon your departure from the UK. For Annual Multi-Trip Policies, Cancellation cover commences from the commencement date of the Policy or the date of booking the holiday, whichever is the later, and ends upon your departure from the UK for each trip taken.


    (For UK policies please see Policy Wording) 

  • What if I wish to cancel my Policy? Is there a cooling off period?

    A refund of the premium can be allowed only within the first 14 days of the Policy being taken out or before your travel (whichever is the sooner) if the Policy does not meet your requirements. You cannot cancel your Policy and receive a refund of premium after the 14 days or if you travel.


  • Can I take a single trip policy for 365 days?

     Yes. A single trip policy can be taken for all durations up to and including 365 days.

  • Can I cover business equipment?

    No. The policy does not extend to provide cover for business equipment.

  • Do you provide cover for back-packers?

    Yes, we can provide cover for any single trip up to a duration of 365 days.
  • Do you exclude any specific activities from cover under your policies?

    As with most insurance policies, some hazardous pursuits are excluded from cover. These include Black Water Rafting, Microlighting, Bobsleighing, Motorcycling Holidays, Boxing, Off-piste Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Parachuting, Canyoning, Piloting Aircraft, Hang Gliding, Pot Holing, Hot Air Ballooning, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts and Rugby. Manual work is also excluded. 
  • Do you offer UK Annual Travel for over 80's?

    It may be possible to offer UK Annual Travel for persons up to age 85 – please call us on 01622 766960.
  • General Exclusions

    War risks, civil commotion, radioactive contamination.

    Deliberate exposure to danger, influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Criminal acts.

    Travel to a country or specific area or event which the Foreign and Commonwealth office or the World Health Organisation has advised the public not to travel to.

    Cover for persons aged 76 years or over travelling to the USA or Canada.

    Bankruptcy, liquidation of any Tour Operator, Travel Agent or transportation company.

    Cover for persons aged 85 years or over for Annual UK policies.

    Stress, anxiety, depressive conditions, psychiatric illness or suicide.

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