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  • Star Trekkers!

    30 June 2008

    Boldly going where (not many) have gone before, a plucky Will Evans and his team from BT trekked across the Himalayas in support of ChildLine. Sponsored by CSIS, Will and his team raised over £10,000! Read more...

  • Were You A Winner?

    16 April 2008

    The draw has taken place, and we can now announce the the winner of the £1,000 CASH PRIZE DRAW is for more.....

  • CSIS Gives ChildLine a Boost

    13 March 2008

    Six Graduates have successfully pulled off not one, but two fundraising events in the space of just one day to raise over £4000 for BT’s favoured charity ‘Childline’. The Football Tournament, supported by the Civil Service Insurance Society, held in Chiswick, was deemed a complete success, and will now be repeated annually. MORE....

  • csscs offers have just got bigger and even better

    11 March 2008


  • Helping the Benenden Charitable Trust

    28 January 2008

    CSIS is proud to continue its financial support of The Benenden Charitable Trust, whose aim is to provide support to people in financial difficulty due to sickness, disability, infirmity or any medical condition........

  • The Auld Enemy Cup

    12 September 2007

    We would like to offer our congratulations to the English Team who just managed to beat the Scottish Blind Golfers Society (SBGS) in the 2007 Auld Enemy Cup. CSIS were proud sponsors of the SBGS this year, but even with our support they still couldn't quite manage to win...

  • Going Quackers?

    01 August 2007

    We are pleased to help publicise the GREAT BRITISH DUCK RACE taking place on 2nd September in Hampton Court. Organisers are trying to raise over half a million pounds for British charities by asking for sponsorship of 165,000 rubber ducks which...

  • Are you a CSIS Artist?

    01 August 2007

    We would like to offer our congratulations to Louis Roskell who took first place in the Watercolour Section of the Civil and Public Service Artists 2007 Exhibition. Louis was presented with the CSIS Plate for his fantastic work entitled "Bellamy's Wharf", which you can view in its full...

  • Explore the Benefits - TEAM Civil Service

    12 July 2007

    A new collaboration bringing easy access to four civil service organisations for thousands of current and former staff under the name TEAM is announced.

  • Helping the Rowland Hill Fund provide independence

    04 June 2007

    CSIS have been working closely with the Rowland Hill Fund to help bring mobility to many serving and retired Post Office employees. By offering financial support to the Fund, our charity will be helping to provide mobility equipment for those in need of assistance to move around their homes and remain independent.