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Team DSRA Conquer Worlds Toughest Endurance Event

29 July 2015


Having set off from city of Oceanside California, with 3004 miles ahead of them, the DSRA Team completed the Race Across America on 27th June, in a time of 6 days and 13 hours. Billed as the toughest endurance event in the world, the team of eight cyclists had to cross deserts, the Rocky Mountains, and 6 lane highways in order to cross the continent. The difficult yet stunning scenery was not the only problem facing the team, with the event suffering some extreme weather including 48 degree heat, high winds and heavy rain which led to flooded roads.

The team, cycling in aid of The Charity for Civil Servants, were sponsored by CSIS, who had arranged the team’s travel insurance. Dom White, who led Team DSRA said of the event “A lack of sleep and proper food made the race extremely difficult, however getting to the end unscathed was a huge achievement. The scenery was generally amazing, in fact one of the very best things about the race is the opportunity to see so much of America and such a variety of landscape in quick succession” When questioned if he would take part in the gruelling event again Dom said “I would do it again and it's certainly an amazing challenge. It's easy to wonder whether we could have gone faster or done things in a slightly better way but the reality is that every version of this race is different and year-on-year, no two things (the route, the field of competitors) are the same.”

As the team safely returned to the UK discussing how next to quench their thirst for adventure Dom concluded by thanking CSIS “Naturally, huge thanks need to go to CSIS, the insurance package they provided saved us each money and crucially, gave a peace of mind that allowed us to concentrate on the task and the challenge ahead”.

To find out more about the Race Across America visit, information about CSIS Insurance can be found at

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