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Young Drivers

­ Innovative Motor Insurance for New and Young Drivers from CSIS

CSIS has teamed up with award winning Carrot Insurance to offer its younger and less experienced motor insurance customers a more rewarding start to their journey, with the opportunity to earn cash rewards for safer driving.

Using the latest in telematics technology, we’ve designed a range of connected insurance products and delivered an award-winning service that our customers love. At the heart of what we do is rewarding people for being more responsible behind the wheel – so with Carrot, it literally pays to drive safely.

CSIS believe that this offer from Carrot makes the experience of car insurance more engaging and it helps to make the roads a safer place for young drivers too. Since launching in 2012, 92% of Carrot customers rate their experience with Carrot as good or excellent, and 97% of them saying that they’d recommend us to their friends.


If you've got under 2 years driving experience, car insurance can be so expensive that it feels out of reach. And the more you send on insurance, the less you can spend on the things that you really enjoy. With New Driver by Carrot, you get a whole lot more, but it can cost a whole lot less. We start by giving you a discount on your insurance in return for having a clever little telematics I-box fitted to your car, which enables you to get feedback on your Driving Style, straight to your smartphone. Then, just for driving safely and responsibly, you can earn up to 15% of your annual premium back in cash rewards.

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Your average insurance company treats you like an average driver. They assume you're an average risk based on some average factors until you get an average premium. The whole experience is, well, decidedly average. But what if your driving is better than average?


If you've got over 2 years driving experience, with Better Driver by Carrot, you can prove it.

Just install our smartphone app, link it to your car via its on-board Bluetooth and you can demonstrate how much better a driver you really are! Not only do you benefit from an up-front discount on the price of your cover, but you also get rewarded for being a safe, responsible driver with free weekly Treats, delivered straight to your smartphone.

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