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Life Insurance

in conjunction with our trusted partner, Royal London

Over 50's Life Cover

With Royal London Over 50s Life Cover, you can leave your family money when you die, as a gift or to help with funeral costs, from just £3.95 a month.

  • Start from only £3.95 a month – that’s just 13p a day!
  • Flexible payments – reduce your cover to bring your payments down to at least £3.95 a month
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical – for UK residents, aged 50 to 80
  • Immediate cover for accidental death - if you die from an accident in the first year
  • Full cover – after just one year. Some make you wait two years
  • Fairer cover – as long as you’re at least halfway through paying for your policy, your family will still get some money when you die. You pay until the policy anniversary date after you turn 90, or until you pass away, whichever comes first.
  • 5 Star Rating – from Fairer Finance for product features


M&S gift card

When you take out Royal London Over 50s Life Cover *

Royal London

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Call Royal London on 0800 202 8702
quoting reference PTN038.

Important information

Inflation reduces value of the payout amount. No cash-in value. Only pays out on death. If monthly payments stop, cover will reduce or end. Total monthly payments paid could exceed the payout.

* For full terms and conditions of the £50 M&S gift card offer CLICK HERE

Quote online by clicking above, or call Royal London on 0800 202 8702 remembering to quote "PTN038" to benefit from this special offer.

Important things to know


Depending on how long you live, you could pay more in monthly payments than the amount of money we pay out when you die. The amount of money you choose is fixed and inflation (the rising cost of goods and services) will reduce its value over time.

We only pay out on death. There is no cash-in value at any time. If you die from an accident in the first 12 months (covered by the policy), we will pay the full amount of money. If you die in the first 12 months and your death was not due to an accident, we’ll return the monthly payments that have been made to us for your policy. After 12 months we will pay the full amount of money regardless of the cause of death.

We will stop collecting payments on the policy anniversary date after you reach age 90 or when you die, whichever is sooner. If you stop making your payments before you’re halfway through your payment term your cover will end and you’ll get nothing back. If you stop after the halfway point, your family will get some money when you die. We can tell you about our cover but cannot advise if it is right for you. If you are not sure if it is right for you, please ask your financial advisor, or visit to find one who could help.


Terms and Conditions


£50 M&S gift card.

If you take out Royal London Over 50s Life Cover through the Civil Service Insurance Society you will be entitled to receive a £50 Marks & Spencer gift card.

The following terms and conditions will apply: 

The offer is only available to customers via The Civil Service Insurance Society. The £50 Marks & Spencer gift card applies to the Royal London Over 50s Life Cover product only, which has monthly premiums from £3.95 to £100, and is available online or via the telephone. The gift card offer does not apply to any other Royal London product.

You must pay your first four monthly premiums to qualify for the gift card. If you cancel the policy before you have paid your fourth monthly premium, you will not qualify for the offer.

After Royal London has received your 4th monthly payment they will send you your gift card. Please allow approximately 28 days for your gift card to be delivered.

The gift card provider could be changed but the monetary value of the offer will not change.

Royal London may cancel the gift card offer should they discover or have a reasonable suspicion that the terms of the offer are being abused.

Royal London reserves the right to amend or withdraw the gift card offer at any time. If you take out a policy before the gift card offer is withdrawn, you will still receive your gift card provided you qualify for the offer as set out in the second bullet point.

The offer is one gift card per policy sold limited to two per household in the period the offer is available and will not be available if the product is purchased with any other gifts or offers.

No cash alternative will be offered.