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The CSIS Charity Fund is an independent charity, linked to but legally separate from the Civil Service Insurance Society.  It is regulated by the Charity Commission, and managed by a board of independent Trustees.

The purpose of the Charity is to help relieve need, hardship and distress among serving, former and retired civil and public servants and their families, both directly and by action in the local communities in which they live. 

It is largely dependent on an annual donation from the Civil Service Insurance Society. CSIS transfers its surplus income to the charity which then distributes the money to a range of good causes including making substantial donations to a number of civil and public service charities putting the financial benefit back to the communities from which it originated.

The Trustees overall aim is to put the trading surplus of CSiS to good use, supporting worthwhile causes that can make a real difference to the lives of individuals.  The Charity directly supports a small number of widows of deceased policyholders of CSIS with annual grants and help with specific items such as cookers.  More generally, however, it works through other charities that can help it achieve its aims.

A major partner in supporting the delivery of its aims is The Charity for Civil Servants, which is the largest Civil Service charity. In addition to The Charity for Civil Servants, the CSiS Charity Fund makes regular donations to:-

" The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
" BT Benevolent Fund
" Rowland Hill Fund
" Benenden Charitable Trust
" Crown Housing Association
" Post Office Orphans Benevolent Fund
" Civil Service Sports Council

For more information about CSIS Charity Fund visit or email or call 01622 766 963