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Pet Insurance

CSIS bring you great value pet insurance

By teaming up with pet insurance specialists, Petwise, we are able to offer you access to instant, online pet insurance quotations with a choice of cover levels.

Why insure with Petwise?

The average cost of a visit to the vet is over £380 with some more complex treatment such as hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament damage costing over £3000*.

6 out of 10 pets require veterinary treatment each year following an injury, illness or accident*.

Your pet is part is an important part of your family.

Not all Pet Healthcare insurance policies are the same. Some companies charge all of their customers the same price and will only pay out on a condition for a short period.

Petwise have developed a sophisticated rating system so that your premium is based on your pets breed, age and post code as well as many other factors. This means that you pay a fair price.

In addition, as long as you keep your Petwise policy renewed, your premiums paid up to date and the insurer invites renewal, there is no limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury.

NB. The online quote page is known to have compatibility issues in IE8 and earlier. All later versions and other browsers are fully compatible.

Petwise is a trading name of BDML Connect Ltd.
* Based on claims received by Petwise in 2013